In this digital economy where monetization of knowledge is gaining popularity among individuals and experts, with proper guidance, it is very easy to start.

In this live session, I will hold you by the hand and guide you through how to get started

Once you book your session today:

1) We will discuss what you already know, then pick the best one.

2) we will discuss the different formats in which you can deliver this knowledge to your audience.

3) We will discuss how to get the knowledge into the hands of those that really want it. This part is very important.

And because I really want you to create your first digital product and start to monetize it, once you schedule your session today, I will be giving you the following bonuses for free:

1) After 5 business days from today’s live call, we will schedule another 15-minute live call to review the digital product you have created based on our conversation.

2) If there is a need for corrections in your digital product, After another 2 business days, we will schedule a 10-minute live call to see that you have made the changes and the product is ready to go live.

3) Once you disclose the date and time you want your product to go live. We will schedule a 10-minutes live call so as to guide you through.

As you can see, I will be going all out to make sure you have your first digital product In the hands of those that need it.

If you know that you are not ready to take action, please don’t book a session with me.

This program is a one on one live class instead of ebooks or pre-recorded videos that so-called digital creators sell out there.

I want to make sure you get so much value and all the guidance you need to start Selling What You Already Know.

Because this is a live class, Limited Time Slots Are Available

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